West Side Warm Up

Hello everyone and thank you for registering for the 2019 West Side Warm Up!  We have teams coming from all over Michigan this year.  Some new teams and many returning programs.  We are very excited to play next weekend and hope that all of your spring seasons went awesome and your summers are off to a great start.  I have lots of info for you and your players and families.  Please read the following email carefully.

SCHEDULES:  I have attached both the youth and High School schedules.  U-10, U-12, U-14 will play on Saturday and all High School teams play Sunday.  We did our best to accommodate all requests.  Please let me know if there are any concerns.

  • Games are 10 v 10 - U-10 is 8 v 8 on short fields with 4 x 4 goals
  • 2, 22 minute running halves.  3 minute half time
  • Each team will have minimum 3 games with some teams at 4.
  • Fields will be marked 1, 2, 3
  • Game will start every 50 minutes by horn.  Clock will begin when horn blows regardless if players are ready.  We have a tight and full schedule for the day, so no on field pregame warm ups please.  There is extra field space to stretch and warm up and will be extra goals on site to warm up goalies.
  • Please remove all garbage from the sidelines and keep you tent areas clean.
  • There will be a trainer on site both days.


Harbor Lights Middle School

1024 136th Ave, Holland, MI 49424

Located just a mile west of US 31 with numerous hotels and restaurants and 3 miles east of Lake Michigan.  There is ample parking right next to the fields on all sides.  Please park in designated parking lots ONLY!

ROSTERS/WAIVERS: The roster/waiver sheet is attached.  Coaches, please fill out your teams rosters with #'s and names and have parents sign and date on one sheet if possible.  Pass in rosters and waivers to main West Side tent prior to first game.  Every player must have a parent sign a waiver to participate.

RULES:  The warm up is a friendly and simple tournament with minimal moving parts in order to keep the day going smooth and efficient.  The rules sheet is attached.  Please share it with your players, coaches and families.  

  • No Timeouts
  • No Overtimes
  • Clock will only stop for delays due to serious injury
  • Weather delay policy is attached

TENTS:  We welcome tents cities and encourage a community atmosphere where all players can come together between games to rest and refuel but space is limited.  Please set up tents on the south side of fields 1 & 2.  Do not set up on sidelines or next to fields. Please help us keep our facilities clean and safe by picking up all garbage throughout the day and before you leave.  There will be garbage cans everywhere and will be emptied throughout the day. NO GRILLING IS ALLOWED ON SITE.  Port-a-johns will be located at various spots around the fields.  

You can also direct people to our website for tourney information at http://www.westsidemilax.com/west-side-warm-up

This is our largest Warm Up to date.  We look forward to growing next year by adding more teams and bringing in more programs.  We are very excited to see everyone next week and start competing.  Please let me know if you have any questions as we lead up the tourney.  Thanks again for attending our event.

West Side Warm Up Youth Schedule Saturday2

West Side Warm Up High School Schedule Sunday